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Health & Nutrition

Healthy Living for Real Families – How about some simple ways to improve your family’s health without breaking the bank or living on sprouted wheat grass? In this workshop, we’ll cover a variety of easy methods that can improve your family’s health and lives without creating mass rebellion at the kitchen table. Come have a giggle or two and walk away with tools that can make a generational impact.


Grains for Real Folks

What is Kaaaammooot? Teff, Tiff, Toff? If you’ve wondered about the variety of grains available and have wanted to incorporate these inexpensive and nutritionally dense Gifts from Heaven into your family’s diet, but didn’t know where to start—this is the workshop for you. We’ll cover a variety of known (and fairly unknown) grains and how to use them. We’ll also chat about gluten intolerance and what to do if someone in your household struggles with this increasingly common issue.


Part of the Declutter for Life! Series:


Declutter for Life! The Basics

Homeschooling families often have to fit larger numbers of people into smaller spaces—and we require more stuff! And we LIVE in our homes! In this workshop we’ll have some fun learning strategies to “enlarge your borders” while staying in the same house. Creative and realistic ways to make every inch count without losing your mind in the process. Come laugh, cry and relate to other families who have considered how to “stack the kids.”


Homeschool Heaps No More!

In this workshop we will specifically address dealing with all the paper that IS homeschooling—and taming that roaring paper tiger into a purring kitty. After a brief overview of the fundamentals of Decluttering for Life that apply to any home (or office), we’ll cover specific strategies to process and place the papers, books, tests, paintings and all the “asundry” that comes with children and homeschooling. Come have a few laughs while we solve some practical daily issues—and end Paper Panic.