For closing in on 3 decades of marriage, my life has been defined in so many different ways that I feel I’ve become a multiple personality just to cope! My life has included roles as wife, homeschooling mom to 6 girls, writer, speaker, advocate, friend, caregiver, and more recently, mother-in-law and “Nonna” to precious baby girls. The latter have reminded me why God usually gives us babies when we are young and strong and not the other side of menopause. I live on the Virginia side of the busy Washington DC metro area where “to die is gain” is the theme of all drivers on our Beltway.


I am living evidence of that God has a sense of humor and operates thru grace. My children think the smoke detector is my oven timer, yet I’m known internationally as “The Bread Lady.” My early years were those of a packrat/near hoarder who has spent the last 25 years trying to fit a homeschooling family of 8 in a  tiny 3 bedroom house, while married to a man with a German mother (need I say more?) which somehow earned me the name “Queen of Decluttering.” We live in one of the most expensive areas of the country and have lost our income several times, which has provided me the title “the Finding Free Money lady”. Though raised on white bread, canned veggies and TV dinners, I’m called “that organic lady” with a passion for healthy living and in spite of myself, even cooking. Yes, it is God’s sense of humor that He took this pharisaical, liberal, home economically inept career ladder climbing feminist and made her a homekeeping, homeschooling conservative natural health fanatic stay at home mom with a passion to serve, encourage and teach women while making them laugh. I’m writing a blog not because I know all the answers—heck, I don’t even know all the questions!—but what I have learned through years, tears and fears—the triumphs and the failures—the risks and the rewards– I offer to you. My blog won’t always be pretty—I’m very transparent—whatcha see is whatcha get—but it will be real, and, I pray—practical, fun and encouraging. If you are willing, it would be my privilege to have you share in my journey and perhaps allow me to share yours. Let’s pour a fresh cup of coffee, break off a little square of dark chocolate (the GOOD stuff) and share some time…let’s talk, let’s laugh, let’s cry when we need to, but most of all, let’s be real.


My family:

This season of life for me includes a  husband looking for work once again through no fault of his own, a married daughter with young children a couple of states away, a newlywed daughter several states away working while husband is in seminary, college daughter (same state, for a change, but heading to Ireland very soon), graduating high school daughter with young man in pursuit, daughter, 14 going on 24, having witnessed 4 teens grow up before her and Star, who is aptly named and 10.