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After raising and homeschooling a family of 8 in a house built for 4, downsizing my grandmother through a variety of living spaces through the aging process and moving my parents from a 5 level home to a 2 bedroom retirement apartment, I have learned the fine art of “declutter.”

Yep, I’m an organizational junkie. Once we get rid of the stuff we don’t want or need anymore, we gotta make the stuff we have left FIT! Time, space and energy belong to PEOPLE not STUFF! Checkout my books on decluttering and organizing!

Raising a large family in one of the most expensive counties of the country on a single (often interrupted) income…well…let’s just say I’ve learned a few things and I LOVE sharing strategies that work.

I’m fairly fluent in Teenageese, so yeah, I’ve learned some things through the years—and lived to tell about through God’s grace. Perhaps my area of greatest passion; loving, guiding and surviving children…even though sometimes you end up smiling through the tears.

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